The Royal We

We did it!

We finished all of the things we were working on! We are not certain we were entirely successful, and we won’t know for sure-sure until October on some of it, but we are done. And yes, we are using the royal “we.” This is what happens when we work too hard and become anti-social in the process.

I see that it’s been a month since I deigned to post that I was busy, and almost a month more since I tried to post anything real. To make up for the absolute despair this must have caused many of you, I will set a goal.  Let’s see…  one post for every day of week we have left (6)? One post for every day we have left (26)?  Somewhere in the middle?  Twenty. Twenty posts (including this one) before the end of the school year (June 10th). That is what I will do. 

Notice–I did not say these would be interesting posts.  Heh.

To start us off, I will tell you about Spontaneous Pigtail Pride Day. We are in the midst of state testing.  After a morning of quiet bubble-filling quiet, the kiddos are a little goofy. It turns, out, the caped crusaders might be as well. One of the students put her hair in pigtails on either side of her head.  She offhandedly said I should.  And did I?  Ummm…  of course. Then another kiddo, and another, and another, until there were about twenty of us.  Then came the photo shoot.  I sure wish I could show you.  We look AWESOME!!!  You should try it some day.

Goal Progress: 1/20

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