The Littmus Lozenge

We are reading the book Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo.  In it, Miss Franny Block tells the story of Littmus W. Block, who created the Littmus Lozenge.  The Littmus Lozenge has a secret ingredient–sorrow.  Opal and Amanda share their great sadnesses with Miss Franny Block.  I asked the class to write down their great sadness:

“When my grandma died, and I never met my mom’s mom or dad, and my Dad having diabetes.”
“That I don’t know my real dad.”
“That my dad left my mom and I.”
“If I don’t make it to college”
“One of my family members died in the wild fire.”
“I sad because I didn’t go to my little cousins birthday and these is my first year I didn’t go to her birthday.” [sic]
“I’m sad because barney is a dinosaur that gets paid in clipped toenails.”
“Leaving all my friend at PKMS.”
“Getting taken away from my mom, being in foster care, and not seeing my mom and family on my birthday which is today.”
“I am sad that I am adopted and I don’t get to see my birth family.  I have a lot more sadnesses but I’m not going to share them.”

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