[Teaching] Back in the Saddle

And so. I’ve been back in the teaching saddle for a year now. Tried my hat at administration, learned so much from some amazing people, and realized that without kids in my daily life, I just ain’t happy (my grammar starts to go down the tubes too).  As is my penchant, I decided to try something new in my teaching career, and it has been an amazing learning curve. So much so, that I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to put this in the [Teaching] category or the [Learning] category.  This year I started teaching in an elementary (new) life skills (new) multi-age (new) classroom (new again) in my home state (new).  All that new knocked me off my saddle a few times, but long about a month ago I started feeling like I had the reins. I guess I started feeling like I needed to extend my metaphors a little too much as well…

And so. 

I have stories upon stories and amazing learnings to share. Trouble is, I also have a classroom of kiddos that deserve absolute privacy and respect. For that reason, my stories stay in my head until they become… blogable.  And how does a student story go from unblogble to blogable?  I’ll let you know when I figure that out. 

For today, let me tell you that the most amazing thing about teaching, is the gift of being in the lives of children as they grow and learn. Sure there are hard days–days with politics, days with too many meetings, days with paperwork up the wazoo. There are even days where the little rugrats really make you work for your sanity. But above all, there are days upon days of amazing children doing spectacular things as they grow and learn and find themselves. I can’t imagine a better job in the world.

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