[Teaching] Summer School Check-in

Gah! It sure is hard to teach and live and blog and do all the things. Time passes so quickly in a woosh of days, moments, and last-minutes.

While I have sworn more than once that I would never ever teach during the Summer again, I am. And you know what?  It’s great!  I teach my own students in Extended School Year (Special Education summer school), and it really is just that–we extended our year together. After two weeks off from the regular school year I found myself eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bus to see their dear faces. For the most part, they seemed happy to see us, too.

My thinking is that this is a good sign.  No matter how hard the year was (and it was), no matter how much I needed a rest (and I did), no matter how much I thought I needed a break to grow back some patience (and boy did that need to happen), I love my little sunshines and three and a half hours a day with them is a treat.

How about you?  What is fulfilling you this Summer?

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