[Teaching Ideas] Savvies

[This is for you SIL–since you waited so ahem… patiently.]

For the last two years I have read aloud from the book Savvy by Ingrid Law.  I first bought the book because the cover is beautiful, and I’m a sucker for good packaging.  If I were an artist, I would totally paint like this. The second reason I bought the book is the title.  Ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out, I have been trying to incorporate the use of the word savvy into my vocabulary.  Like Jack Sparrow when he says “Savvy?”  at the end of an explanation (I have also tried to incorporate “all by me onesie” to no avail.  Feel free to assist.) Anyhoo.  I bought the book, and was pleased to find that the story was worthy of the cover. Yes, I did judge a book by it’s cover and was pleased with the result.

In this book, a savvy is a special ability held by certain members of the Beaumont family. When a Beaumont child turns 13, they discover their savvy and have to learn how to control it or “scumble” it.  I can’t tell you the savvy of the main character, Mibs, because that would give it all away, but I can tell you some of the others.  Mibs’ brother Rocket is electric, her other brother Fish causes rain and wind storms.  Her grandfather moves earth, her grandmother collects radio waves, and her mother is perfect.

I’m fairly certain that any group of people reading this book would have a similar result as my Piggie Pies and I did.  We began pointing out each others savvies.  Just a few we’ve discovered…

J.–Can accidentally stand directly in between Boss and whoever she is talking to.
M.–Get’s Boss’s jokes.
A.–Is made of rubber and can bounce off of anything. His secondary savvy is memorizing prefixes and suffixes.
J2.–Can remember the words to songs.
A.–Can make jewelry out of Cheerios.
Boss–Can explain things that difficult to understand, has patience, and cures hiccups.

What’s your savvy?

Goal Progress: 2/20

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