[R@ndom] New Favorite Things Friday #4

My current New Favorite Things are:

Ruffles and Crochet Creatures
They make me happy to sew. It’s nice to have things to do or make that are simple and doable. It helps me spend time on things that are less simple and less doable. This blog of crochet creatures is crazy fun: Kim Lapsley Crochets. I’m also glad to share my ruffle-making trick if you have a need.
While my body is furious at me for not taking better care of it, yoga really is like a massage for your insides and for your soul. More yoga more of the time.
I’m learning it and I’m liking what it helps me do. Learning is a strong word, but I now know three things and before I knew one. I don’t know what this translates to, but it does mean I end a line and start a new one:
Seed Books
Dandelions Tale by Kevin Sheehan and Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman and Judy Pedersen
There’s a teachable moment in here somewhere, I’m just not sure where yet.

Planning for Next Year
It feels refreshing to look ahead in a planful way. To be a step ahead, at least for now. I highly recommend it.What is your New Favorite Thing?

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