[SOLSC] New Favorite Things Friday

I am taking part in the Slice of Life Story Challenge with Two Writing Teachers. For this challenge I will be attempting to write a “Slice of Life” post each day in the month of March and each Tuesday after that.

With a nod to the “What I’m Loving” posts I appreciate in blogs like this and this, a reference to my My-New-Favorite-Thing posts, and an attempt to focus my SOLSC posts more on educational cape-wearing, welcome to…

My New Favorite Things Friday (Not in complete sentences, but with periods.  Just because.)

My new portable power source for all things digital–allowing me more time to look up the Common Core Standards on my phone app, respond to Smarter Balanced Testing emails, and keep track of my ever-loving calendar.

A work day having accomplished big-ticket items, remembered important emails, and laughed with co-workers.

The slightly worrisome joy I felt in creating a template full of minute details, and the even more worrisome eagerness with which I will do it again–maybe even on Saturday.

The chance to utilize a program that seems to “get” what we are doing in education and how important it is.

Leadership in my school district that not only “gets” what needs to be done, but then does it with grace, integrity, and a dose of reality.

An opportunity to expand my own learning and coaching experience working with caped teachers and technology.

The NPR segments this week on SAT Writing, The Ship in the Woods and the new Carl Sagan (more on that tomorrow).

Isabel’s comment on my previous post.

The way the clouds swept up and away with sun-tinged edges on my way home.

Ruby Lavender’s earnest puppy-dog face and Stella Q’s lamb-like bouncing around after work.

Raindrops on roses.

That joke I just made, right up there… in that last line.

Friday evenings.

Happy Friday Y’all.  Cape on.

4 thoughts on “[SOLSC] New Favorite Things Friday

  1. I was trying very hard to be work-related. Though… a wonder woman shot glass (that I now own) fits the “bill.” Ahahahaha.

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