[SOLSC] Throwback Thursday–Snow Day

On this day I got to wear my plaid coat with the furry collar, a super-great red hat, and… I made a snow ball. You can’t quite see it, but it’s there in my hand. It’s possible I carried it too far and it… got smaller.

I don’t know if this photo is from the San Diego years or the early Washington State years.  Either way, snow was hard to come by. In Washington, it was usually rain or ice. In San Diego, sun and… sun.*  A snow ball is a snow ball though, and my excitement is evident.

At least the hat is still pretty rockin’.

*My dad swears that San Diego isn’t as sunny as everyone says It is true May and June are cloudier in the morning than one might expect, but the sun does show up most days. Truly. It does.

3 thoughts on “[SOLSC] Throwback Thursday–Snow Day

  1. Adorable photo, Cape Girl! From K to 6th grade I was a San Francisco public school kid who wore various layers of clothing to school including very groovy 70's style hats and scarves, many of which ended up in the Lost and Found bin.The cold weather in SF never bothered me. As skinny and asthmatic as I was, the air and fog were welcome weather when chasing friends on the blacktop or trying to race my sister up a steep hill. I had tons of energy! Life was great back then, regardless of the weather. Your joyful photo transported me back to a wonderful memory.

  2. Thank you Isabel! What a wonderful image! I'd love to see you put some of this writing in a blog! Want to guest post? 🙂

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