[Mentor Text Monday] “An Abecedary of Sticky Things”

UPPERCASE Magazine, Issue No. 18, “Cut it Out” is all about collage. Yup.  you read that correctly, collage. It’s a beautful magazine printed on amazing paper.  The tagline is “a magazine for the creative and curious.” Well that’s us in a nutshell is it not?

Keeping “creative and curious” in mind, I thought I’d share some mentor text thoughts that crossed my mind during my “1st Draft Reading” last night. I have about a gabilllion ideas, so I’ll start with my favorite.

“An Abecedary of Sticky Things” pg. 14

First, a word study.  Abecedary–an ABC Book.  What an amazing word! A-Be-Ce-Dary–see it? Even more fun, it’s an ABC book of… sticky things!  The list is creative and gives pause for thought multiple times. I imagine this as one in an array of ABC book mentor texts, though the depth and vocbaluary used in this one makes it my all time favorite. Just look at this list!

I know, right?  What a rich and thoughtful list of… sticky things! We’re not talking a Level 1 or 2 DOK (Webb’s Depth of Knowledge) list here. Historical reference, science, Dr. Seuss, candy, toilet plungers, and, of course,  bubble gum. This two-page magazine spread is chock full of learning, thinking and creativity.  I can’t wait to use it! 

That’s pretty cool in itself, I’ll grant you. But let’s take it up a notch.  On page 101 of the same issue is an article called “Sticky Business: A Brief History of Glue.”

Looking for a piece of complex non-fiction text for upper grades? Try this one out.  It’s a challenge, most certainly, but link it with the Abecedary of Sticky Things above and you have two texts on a similar topic Common Core State Standards CCR R.9), one is more accessible than the other (differentiation!), one serves as a practice in deeper reading (Common Core State Standard CCR R.1), and one provides a jumping off point for an informational writing assignment (CCR W.2) that also uses write-to-learn strategies. Use technology to draft and display your finished abecedary and you’ve got a hat trick!

There is only one teeny tiny itty bitty downside to this brilliance. UPPERCASE Magazine is not what you’d call a budget publication. Each issue runs $18. I rarely allow myself to buy it. It is a marvelous publication and worth the money, I swear, but there is a budget option. The folks at UPPERCASE are very thoughtful and provide their articles online for free.  I don’t know how long they leave it up, but this issue is on the blog right here.  Pretty cool, huh? So maybe go out and try an abedecary with your own learners? I most certainly am!

Please share here if you do!

Next week… Creative Collections as mentor texts, A.K.A. more ideas from UPPERCASE Magazine

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