[Photo A Day] August Break and Symmetry

A colleague of mine began the August Break 2013 on her blog. I like the idea of making a commitment to posting a photo a day and using that opportunity to reinvigorate your blogging. I am already taking part in a photo-a-day activity with the San Diego Area Writing Project on their blog (which I, ahem, help to administrate), and don’t think I can keep track of two topics a day.  So…  I decided to combine the two–August Break 2013 (#augustbreak2013) using SDAWP Voices (#sdawpphotovoices) themes!

What does that mean for you?  I means I’ll be posting photos each day and they may or may not have words that go with them.

The #sdawpphotovoices list of weekly themes is posted each month on SDAWPVoices.com. Today is the last day of “symmetry” and tomorrow starts a week of “curves”.

I have an odd relationship with symmetry. As a sewist, I try to create symmetry in my work. When I walk around the world I notice symmetry and want to capture it on whatever device I have with me at the time. But I have an equal affinity for discord (don’t ask my parents about this), and I LOVE the look of a pop of color or shape in the middle of symmetry. I love the juxtaposition of symmetry and discord. With that in mind I went through my phone photos looking for symmetry. Most of the photos below have a symmetry to them, but a measure of discord as well–either with their surroundings or within the photo itself.

And then I looked at my recent sewing projects and see a similar theme. 
Indulge me for a moment, whilc I apply this visual bent of mine to my work in education… I am an out-of-the-box thinker by nature.  Call it Pisces, call it liberal upbringing, call it creativity run amok. I just don’t see things in packages that align with whatever underlying structure is at play. Of course I’d like to see this as innovation or true genius, but I think it’s just exactly what it sounds like. I don’t see things in structures and sometimes that leads to good ideas and sometimes it leads to a series of quizzical looks and shrugged shoulders. I have learned–am still learning–when to voice these discordant ideas and when to hold onto them. I haven’t perfected this skill yet.  I may never.
Both in my new work in educational leadership and in my classrooms, I work to provide structure, or symmetry in my environment. Clear organization, color-coding, classroom procedures.  All of these in order to provide a field for my own crazy ideas and those of my students.  The structure is the guideline inside of which we can have utter freedom. 
So, that is my journey through symmetry with punctuations of philosophy. How does symmetry fall in to your life?  Your teaching?  Your leadership?
By the way, watch out–next week is curves. I loves me some curvy lines and swirls, so I’m thinking this will be a prolific week for me!

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