[SDAWP Photo Voices] “Green” Link Up

Hubris.  That’s how I entered the “green” week with SDAWP Photo Voices–with hubris. Green? What a breeze! It’s summer in San Diego! The place is positively brimming with green! Early into Day 1 I spied this leaf outside the SDAWP offices:

I didn’t even the see  awesome bug on the bottom right hand side of the photo until later.  And veins on the leaf itself–who knew an iphone could do that? (Lot’s of people, I think, but I’m new to it). 
The next day I had to look for green.  It turns out I wasn’t accepting just any green, and it was limiting me.  Kim talked about this on her blog as well–I had set the bar too high with red. Green was stumping me and continued to do so.  I settled on my spray cleaner bottle, but felt like I was cheating:

A few days later I captured this bike outside Price Center and these books in Giesel Library though I never did post the books.

And here I am on Sunday evening with very little to show for it and a distinct feeling that I missed some gorgeous greens. In fact, let me tuck my hubris away for a moment, eat some humble pie, and go take a five-minute walk-about.  Let’s see what I come up with…
About five minutes later…
Well then.  There it is.  A bumper crop of green.  I didn’t even leave my front yard. My favorite is the one with the splash of red.  I’m a sucker for a pop of color. 

What did you find this week?  Link up at  the SDAWP Voices “Green” Link Up!

One thought on “[SDAWP Photo Voices] “Green” Link Up

  1. Hi Barb,I think we are raising the bar for ourselves–and I love the “go out and see what you can find in 5 minutes” challenge! I've got a new challenge brewing for us in August…hope to get it posted tomorrow!Kim

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