[Books] Reading List

My “to-read” list of books has recently spilled over the edges.  I’m carrying a couple of books in my work bag, storing a couple more next to my bed, one more on my desk at work, and three on the Kindle app on my tablet. I want to have read them all.  I actually want to read them all!  I plan to list them here and make a declaration that I will read them.  First the list, then the declaring:

Books in my work bag:
Mindset by Carol Dweck
The book on my desk:
CELDT Coordinators Manual by the California Department of Education
Books on my Kindle app:
Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess
The Daily Five by Gail Bousey
Books by my bed:
The Instructions by Adam Levin
Write Like This by Kelly Gallagher
Okay, those are they.  There are seven of them, and they range wildly in their content, interest level, and weight (in the singular case of The Instructions–it’s too heavy to lift). 
I do hereby declare that I will read these books and post on my progress before the end of the Summer (officially, Labor Day). I do also hereby declare a caveat in the instance of The Instructions as it is quite long and might be too heavy to lift. 
There. It has been said. 

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