[Photography] SDAWP Photo Voices–“Red”

This week for the SDAWP Photo Voices journey the theme was “red.”  I think was my favorite week by far.  I loved having one theme for the week, focusing (no pun intended) on something for more than one day or one moment (usually a moment during my early morning puppy walk), and watching the photos “roll” in on Instagram and Twitter (pun intended that time, with a shout out to film photography).

Morning walks, cool drinks on hot days, fresh fruits, and flowers.  What a wonderfully #red week!

I used Picsart to create a collage of my “red” photos and will be linking up to the SDAWP Photo Voices “Red” post. Come see what we have and join the fun!

SDAWP Photo Voices

One thought on “[Photography] SDAWP Photo Voices–“Red”

  1. Hi Barb,Thanks for getting us started. I loved “red” this week–there is such variety in the photos folks have posted. Can't wait to see what people think of their own red collections.Kim

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