Pop Quiz

This caped teacher uses post-it notes like crazy (and prefers the Super-Sticky ones).  They are… super sticky.

On Fridays, I give quizzes using said Post-it notes.  They are always on Post-its, always five questions long, and I always give one point for trying and one point for being correct.  Why?  Because my turtle-doves are horrified by tests.  While it is clearly my job to ease this horri-fi-cation, it is also my job to assess what they have learned.  So… I assess with pretty, colorful, non-threatening post-it notes.  Super-stickyness comes in handy as I keep track of them to put them in the grade book.

This week, I handed out one post-it note too many.  Since they were wasted anyway* I said “Oops.  You don’t need that one.  Just write me something nice on it.”  So they did.

We are working on spelling next week…

*Note–the sticky-ness decreases with each use, you know.  This renders them less useful once unstuck from the pad and re-stuck on a student desk.  Especially because each kiddo has the compulsion to un-stick and re-stick the note after it has been placed on their desk–sometimes multiple times.  I know this, you see, because I have experience with the use and re-use of Super-Sticky Post-It notes.  It’s one of my super powers.  Get it?  Super?  As in Super-Sticky Post-it Notes?  Get it? 

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