[Tech Tip] The Storybirds Are Flying

Earlier this week I told you about something I was going to try in my classroom–Storybirds.

Well my caped friends, the birds they are a-flyin’. As the lovies finish their stories I’ll add them to the Student Story Bird page on this blog. In the meantime, here are two that made me smile or laugh out loud–both from the author’s humor and with joy at their learning. The writing mechanics are a little dicey, but remember that this is one week into the school year, and these are EXTREMELY reluctant writers. I am tickled lime green and purple that my lovies showed voice, used ideas from our mentor texts, and played around with text forms. They took pride in editing (although they had trouble staying focused on the task for ALL of their pages), and were even more excited to share their work with the class. Their classmates (remember–kids kicked out of other schools) clapped and cheered and pointed out the text devices the authors used.

“Hey that’s a hyphenated whatchamacallit like we saw yesterday!”
“Did you see that figurative language?”
“I like the word nemesis!”
“He used an ellipse!”

To put it simply, I am sparkling proud of my little dumpling heads for their work.

Presenting… The Animals of the Forest by T.

Presenting…Hide and Seek by A. 

Wanta try it?  Go here!

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