[Tech Tip] Storybird

I discovered this link today while on a teacher networking site called Edmodo (more on that later).  I’m still playing around with it, but will absolutely be using it this week.  I’m going to use it in art class though, and sneak the writing in.  Bwahahahaha.

From what I can tell so far, the site uses art collections by various artists.  I don’t recognize the names, but there are short bios for each.  You use the collection of art to create a story–kind of a mix between a photo book and a postcard collection.

One issue  I see is that to print–either in a book or even as a PDF–there is a charge.  While I appreciate the site’s need to sustain itself, $2 (a PDF is $1.99)  is a lot these days.  I’m hoping they send me some “free printing” deals.  I’m certain there are ways around the paid printing, but I’d like to respect the site and the legal issues of printing, ya know?  On the plus side, printing just wastes trees.  We can just have virtual books, right?

I’ll share more as the stories get created! I started a story about a kid who flies. I think I can embed it below, but it looks like it might be slow to load.  Warning, I wrote this in five minutes. It’s… how shall I say… lame-ish.

Fighting Dragons on Storybird

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