[Random] Oatmeal, Part Deux

On one hand I am sad I didn’t reach my goal of twenty posts by the end of the school year.  For that I apologize.  For those of you that know me, you know I have suffered an unreasonable and unnecessary amount of guilt over this.

On the other, much sweeter and exciting hand, TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  For this reason the unreasonable and unnecessary guilt has been shrugged away* and the bittersweet excitement of summer is edging its way in.
I’ll bet you’re wondering two things.  Truly, you may be wondering more than two things, but let’s start with the two things I want you to be wondering.  
What am I doing this Summer?  Taking a class I’ve been wanting to take forever.  Visiting with  a nephew I’ve tried to get to come visit me since before he was born. Hanging out and enjoying my favorite people.  Studying for the GRE.  Making some quilts.  Napping.  That’s the plan as it stands now.  
And number two?  Why the Oatmeal?  Because I’m cooking oatmeal right now.  Duh.  We’re making breakfast for the poodle-heads tomorrow morning and I’m taking slow-cooker oatmeal with peanut butter chips, sprinkles, and cranberries (those are things that jumped in my shopping basket). Oatmeal is a fitting item not only for it’s breakfast-ability, but because my sisty-ugler and I use it as away to say nice things to each other.  I’m not actually using oatmeal to say nice things to my poodle-heads, but I do see the parallel.  I see parallels in a great many things.  
Peace out my friends.  
*Note–Again, if you know me, you know I’ve tried to shrug the guilt away and been only partially successful.  Aw well.

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