[Friday Free-Day] Bumper Stickers

I don’t like bumper stickers. They are messy-looking, and they tell me more information about the drivers than I want to know. When I drive behind a car with a hot mess of bumper stickers, I can’t help but stare at them, read them, analyse them. This is not only dangerous, but completely ruins the chi of my driving time.

Here’s a for instance:

So, driving behind a dude in this car, I can’t help but read all of the stickers and try to put them into a semblance of a personality. This person is begging to be judged, and they are choosing to do it based on stickers. Then I start to wonder what bumper stickers I would pick, if I were a bumper-sticker kind of gal. Which I’m not, as I said earlier. But it is this kind of circular thinking that gets me all a-twitter.  And not the cell phone/internet kind of twitter.
That’s my thought for the day. That, and why are there so many Chevy Impalas on the freeways, and why on Earth do they still make them?

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