[CCW] I May Have Copy-Catted Her

This Week’s Caped Crusader of the Week is Mrs. R.  Sadly, I can’t tell you much about her as I’ve never gotten to teach with her. She teaches at a nearby middle school, and sometimes I get students that were in her class before they were “asked” to leave her school. They have all liked her and speak fondly of her when they come to me. This sounds innocuous, but it isn’t an easy feat with my little twinkle-tots. They’re quite certain teachers are out to get them, and whichever school they’ve come from just didn’t like them. Not so with Mrs. R. In fact, this mini-convo happened today:

Student A:  Remember Mrs. R?
Student B:  Who?
Student A:  Mrs. R–the cool one?
Student B:  Oh yeah!  I liked her!
Student A:  Yeah!

So there you have it, out of the mouths of… punk kids. She loves her kiddos, she loves to teach, and she treats them honestly and with dignity. She should have a cape–one of these days I’ll get off my lazy bum and make her one. Or a hat. But not slippers.

Here’s another thing about Mrs. R–I’m pretty certain she had purple hair before I did. I didn’t see it, and can honestly maintain that I did not copy her, but I’m pretty sure she was first. That’s how cool she is.

So there you have it.  Another caped crusader, and this one actually teaches in my zip code!

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