Taking Credit

I received an email from a former student this morning.  She is a-maze-ing.  I told her I will be taking credit for that.

Just to ease the minds of folks who might think I actually think I mean that, I don’t. In reality,  I will only take credit for realizing she is amazing.  In my made-up world of super-hero teacher things, I will pretend I created her amazing-ness.  See how this works?

Anyhoo (remind me to share the story of my Nana and the word “anyhoo”), here is a small portion of her email.  This is the part where she compares me to two other teachers:

“…up there with the sassy anthropology teacher who threatened the class on a daily basis and the apparel design professor who reminded me I was not hot shit on a daily basis (she would use those exact words, too.) Those [kids] are super lucky. I would tell them myself, but I would probably terrify them. In all reality, I am a beast. “

Now.  It appears I am in the company of teachers that are threatening students and telling them that they are not as amazing as they are.  Hmmmm.  Analysis time.  Of course I prefer to focus on two things.  First, I am  indubitably sassy.  This is a fair comparison.  Second, from her email I can see that this young woman is clearly in tune with herself, intelligent, and on a fulfilling life-path.  THAT is the very best thing to see.  To hear now that any one of my little chic-a-dees are happy, healthy, and moving forward is the greatest thing about this job.  It doesn’t matter how that happened.  YEAY to you J.!!!

**Note–I must admit to one small failure on the part of this young lady.  As her Spanish teacher, I always hoped she might have learned… you know… Spanish.  It appears that, when in danger of incarceration by the Mexican authorities, she was only able to pull out the following phrase, “Bailo en el baño con un mono feo.”  While I am tickled by the thought of dancing in the bathroom with an ugly monkey, and the fact that she used correct grammar to communicate this idea, I am a little concerned about her safety.  I am also now forced to admit that I may well be one of the Spanish teachers I heard tales about.  Sigh.

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