Dashed Plan

I had a plan to do something cool for my 100th post.  I’ve seen my blogging friends do it  (here), and thought I might as well.  Alas, I missed it.  This is my 102th post (pronounced one hundred tooth).  I suppose this is all for the best, since I have nothing to give away.  But…

Huzzah!  The102th post!!!  

Who would have thought I’d be this prolific?  Not I, says I.

Today is the first day of Summer School, for which this Caped Teacher is a Caped Site Lead.  We shall see what grand stories there are to share.  As of right now, it is O’Dark-Thirty and I am up, moving around, and fixin’ to go for a wog wrun.  That’s dedication, no?

To show true dedication to the postage (?) of 102 vitally important things, here is a photo essay to honor the number 102…

Vermont has a road dedicated to it.

So does Minnesota.

And this state… that isn’t a state, I hope.

Cruella wasn’t satisfied with only 101.  Oh no. She needed 102.

These people think the number 102 is important enough to put on a space… module.

Doesn’t she look great for her age?

Anhyoo (I really need to tell that story), thanks for reading my musings.  All… you guessed it… 102 of them.

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