[Quote of the Week] Theme Songs

Music DoodleEarlier this year the students I had the great fortune of teaching at the time were choosing theme songs. The purpose was to help create a vision of success in their growing brains while sneaking in some reading and writing. We talked about imagining themselves enter a room, concert hall, field, meeting–whatever location would hold them getting an award or something for their greatest achievement. I gave the example of professional athletes that get called onto the court with a theme song–like pitchers in baseball. I shared a couple of my own theme songs that I like to play for myself (yes, I do that).

That was… I don’t know… two months ago?  Today a kidlet said to me out of the blue:

“Ms. M. I know what my theme song for next year will be.”

The actual song wasn’t the point in this case. It was the fact that his middle school brain is thinking about how he is going to have a theme song of success next year. Happy day.

What’s your theme song? Don’t have one?  I highly recommend it.

Where did I get the idea?  From the Biscuit about a gabillion years ago. Thank you Biscuit.

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