[R@ndom] Currently

Thank you to Amy at Reflections on Leadership and Learning for introducing me to this idea! Here is a list of things I am “currently” doing, thinking, buying, etc-ing…

Current Celebration

I am celebrating whimsy. I’ve been using #whimsy365 on my social media accounts to post photos of things that make my thoughts go “awe :)”. I’ve posted just over 80 things with varying degrees of whimsy.  Here a few recents:


Current Confession

I am beginning to consider the possibility of maybe admiting that I might could be a Dog Lady. I consider this less a reflection on me and more of a reflection on the power of dogs. I have accidentally ended up with three dogs. I love them. I truly love coming home to them. I love their unwavering excitement and unabashed hope that something even better is just about to happen. I love their intense appreciation for the simple things in life–breakfast, dinner, cardboard boxes, snacks, open doors, bedtime. And here is the big confession, I may or may not have allowed myself to be talked into putting a costume on one or more of my dogs and I may or may not have giggled when I did it.

0 (1)

Current Product Find

Sweet Potato Tricuits. I crave them more than I should. Salty, a little sweet, and amazing with jalapeno jelly and cream cheese.images

Current Plan

I recently developed a new life plan that starts now and takes me to January 2017. It involves many things that are important to me and many things I can’t say out loud or I get nervous.

Current Book

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. I’m listening to it on my way to and from work and I keep laughing out loud–which I rarely do at things that are not my real life.

Current Purchase

I would like a rocking chair for my back patio. I’ve been considering this purchase for a while now, but haven’t done it because it feels frivolous and because I want the perfect rocking chair. Wooden, structurally sound, comfortable, doesn’t scoot back or forth as you rock (so I don’t fall off the porch… which I will… because I just will.)


Current Drink

Cold brew coffee. It might be a made up thing, but I like it. It tastes rich and sweet without sugar and since it’s been hot as the devil, it’s been a good choice. Not only that, but making cold brew coffee instead of regular allowed me to take an appliance off of my way-too-small counter.


Current Holy Moly

Just now, when I realized I don’t have one. That needs to be rectified tout de suite.

Current Show

Any show that has more than one season on Hulu so I can watch them all in a row. it is also best if it is easy to identify the character’s voices without looking up so I can work on other things while I listen. Even better–the podcast Serial on NPR. Love it.


Current Want

I want kids to have the parents and teachers they deserve.

Current Obsession

Voile. No joke. I’m obsessed with a fabric. I want to wrap myself in it, make sheets out of it, make an entire wardrobe out it, wrap my couch in it and drape it around everything I own.


Well now that was fun!  Why don’t you try it?  Share with me if you do!

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