[New Favorite Things Friday] The Mini-Mart Integrity List

This week I had a few opportunities to appreciate integrity in new ways, and it became a New Favorite Things Friday List in my head. Integrity isn’t exactly a new favorite thing, I’ve always been a fan, as most of us are, but this week I had a couple of opportunities to see integrity in new ways–at mini marts.

First, I saw this on a very prominent wall at a mini mart in South East San Diego:

I was so tickled by the idea that this business owner was willing to give up prime ad space for a I’m-guessing-not-cheap-to-install inspirational quote, that I took the time to snap a photo for my #whimsy365 list. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. There’s also a large sign above the front door that sasy “We got it!”  They certainly did.

My second item counts as two. There is a Shell/7-Eleven at 515 70th Street in La Mesa, CA that has earned the spot as my favorite 7-Eleven. Now, this may not be a distinction that you consider important, but if you take into account that their cinnamon flavored coffee is my current favorite morning treat; that while I truly despise refueling my car* I often need to do so on my way to work; and that I have four or five fuel stations and 7-Eleven’s to choose from on my way to and from work, I would argue that this is indeed a worthy mention. After a few months of bleary-eyed morning fuel and coffee stops I realized that the same gentleman was working every day. I noticed that he greeted every customer, that they were all pleasant and cordial, and that the store was always clean and well-stocked.  One day I stopped at a closer 7-Eleven and was jarred awake by employee-customer yelling, only one coffee pot full, and some very unhappy people milling around. It made me pay closer attention. One morning my favorite 7-Eleven was out of cinnamon coffee. I debated longer than one would consider normal and the gentleman noticed. He quickly redirected me to already-brewing cinnamon coffee pot and encouraged me to take some. Win!2015-08-09_1114

This morning I stopped by and two younger men were working there instead of the gentleman I’d grown accustomed to. Again the cinnamon pot was empty (it’s really good). Instead of worrying about it I put my cup back and started to leave–I figured I stop by another 7-Eleven on my way home. The younger men stopped me, asked what I wanted and immediately started brewing a pot. I thanked them, and told them that their 7-ELeven was, indeed, my favorite. I may have been a bit effusive so I tempered it by asking about the gentleman that was usually there. He said that was his dad, that his parents were out of town for the week and he and his brother were watching the store. told him I was glad his parents were taking a break, and he agreed with a smile that they worked hard and deserved it. I noticed how much they cared about the store, paid attention to the customers, and that they respected the work their parents did. They have my business.  Feel free to stop by!

These are small happy-happies, but they work for me. Have you noticed nay that made your day better?


*Why do I despise re-fueling my car?  It’s not the cost (sometimes it is), it’s the repetitive nature of the task. I’m sure I’ve written about this before and I’ll find it and link here, but I truly dislike repetitive tasks like getting ready in the morning, refueling my car, driving to and from the same place, etc. Unless, of course, it’s a crafty-sewy thing and then I will methodically cute, pin, and sew hundreds of itty bitty blocks without a grimace. Who knows what makes the mind work. 

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