[New Favorite Things Friday] Coffee, Poetry and Turtlenecks–a BeatnikFavorites List


Okay, I was wrong (one for the list!!!). My understanding of what Beatnik meant was not quite right. Chocolate, coffee and poetry does not a Beatnik make (click here for a definition).

So call it what you will, my favorite things this week are reminiscent of coffee shops, black-turtle-neck-beret-wearing artists, and cryptic poetry readings. 

1. Black-out Poetry and Doodling

I’ve always liked black out poetry as a teaching tool and had fun trying it out with my students, but lately I’ve some amazing black-out poetry that has me trying it out. I can’t show you mine yet (since many of them go into my #365mistakes4growth list), but these are the pages that inspired me (links provided for credit):

2. The Best Cup of Coffee Ever

It was a shot of espresso, a scoop of Nutella, and a bit of cream–a candy bar in a cup. It was perfect and came with the swirled heart on the top. Decadent, yes. But perfect.

3. Not Wearing Turtlenecks

I am not a fan of the turtleneck. I am fairly certain they were meant only for turtles. I mean really… consider the name. My new favorte thing this week is living somewhere that doesn’t require them. Beautiful weather, sun, open skies, and the beach. Life is good.
Do you have any new favorites this week?

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