[New Favorite Things Friday #6] Geek Love

Today’s New Favorite Things Friday is dedicated to the geeky things I am loving.

1. Logitech’s Unifying Receiver

I like external mice. I have plenty of them. I used to have to carry all of the little receivers around with me and all of my USB slots were filled with receivers. Now I have one that works with all of my mice and my solar-powered keyboard (yep). I actively like it every day. I am not advertising for Logitech, but I haven’t found any other unifying receiver peripherals (yes, I said peripherals). They may be there, but I’m happy with what I have, so I haven’t looked very hard.
I like office supplies as a rule. I am currently into these discbound notebooks because… I don’t really know why. I am also into making my own planner pages because I know what I want in a planner and I can’t find it. I even bought the special hole-puncher so I can make my own stuff. I hope this crush lasts because $40 for a hole punch is just plain silly.
3. Pop-up Pencils
This my favorite kind of pencil. I like my pencils sharp all the time, and I can’t carry enough pencils around to satisfy my preference for sharpness. And no, I don’t want to carry a sharpener because I like my pencils pencil-pencil length and don’t want to deal with pencil shavings. As a grown person, that is a decision I get to make. The only issue I have is that theses pencils typically come in designs like the One Direction design, the dinosaur design, the Hello Kitty design… you get the picture. I did find some nice plain ones recently, and am quite happy with them.
I constantly find things I want to remember online. I have the Pocket app installed on all of my devices, and can just “Pocket” whatever I want to remember. I love it. It works for me.
I love to learn about new geeky things to love. What things do you have a crush on that might be considered geeky?

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