[SOLSC] Ashrams and Baseball

It’s SOLSC Tuesday!

It’s time!  It’s for me to share the #1 person I would follow to an ashram anywhere.  Click here and here to see what the heck I’m talking about.
So, super duper, a-number one, longest standing person I would follow to an ashram anywhere is…

Edgar Martinez–retired designated hitter for the Seattle Mariners

Yup. An interesting departure to be sure. I have great reasons though.He’s nice.
He’s genuine.
He signs autographs for crowds of kids--or plays catch with them.
He plays along.

He thanks his fans and appreciates getting paid.

He is good to his family.He was humble even though he was, arguably, the best designated hitter of his time and since.

During a time of poor role-modeling from professional athletes, Edgar was always above it.

And for this, I would follow him to an ashram. Because he is the model of what I think professional athletes should be. Maybe it doesn’t have to be an ashram. Maybe just some bleachers at MLB Spring Training in Peoria. That would be fine.

Your turn!




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