[SOLSC] The Three People I Would Follow to an Ashram

It’s SOLSC Tuesday!

photo by Raveesh Vyas on Flickr

Back in the day (okay, last month), I mentioned that Sir Ken Robinson was one of the three people I would follow to an ashram anywhere.  I was asked who the other two might be.

I didn’t answer.

And this is why.

There are only two left. All of my blustery statements about following three people to an ashram, are, embarrassingly, only bluster. As I sift through my favorite gurus, I can think of a mighty series of folks with whom I’d enjoy a picnic, endure a day-long car ride, or even attend a yoga retreat.
Katie Wood Ray… Jeff Anderson… Kelley Gallagher… Eddie Izzard… Terry Pratchett… Sharon Creech… Lucy Calkins.

I can also remember that when I was a wee gal, I wanted to be Abe Lincoln when I grew up. I had some serious hero worship there and parent that encouraged all dreams of the future–even nigh impossible ones such as becoming the 16th President of the United States.

But follow? To an ashram?  That’s serious business. There used to be three, but one has fallen a step. I’d have tea with him, certainly, but no more following for that guy.

This leaves me with TWO people I would follow to an ashram. Not the same ring to it, but I’ll take it for now.

You already know of the aforementioned Sir Ken Robinson. When he speaks, I listen. Lots of people do. He makes sense and he’s funny. Ashram, here we come.

The second is rather obscure (surprised?), but a long-standing hero of mine. The second person I would follow to an ashram anywhere is…

3 thoughts on “[SOLSC] The Three People I Would Follow to an Ashram

  1. The list of folks we admire have many common names and I DO SO LOVE Sir Kenneth, but I would LOVE to know who the second person on your list is- were you being cryptic or did your visual link not work for me?

  2. Hahahaha! Suspense! Ooh! I love it! So, who is the lucky second person whom you'd follow to an Ashram? And, now you've got me thinking as well…

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