[SOLSC] Math Love

It is my work right now to find a love for math. I need to love math and the teaching of math as much as I love the teaching of writing. 
Well…  okay,  let’s not get all crazy now. 

I do need to love it though. I need to embrace new learning around math,  absorb the concepts of the new math standards,  and share that with teams of people. 

I took the step of befriending math already this year.  I forgave it for the homework and failed tests and the tears. We talked it over and realized it wasn’t math’s fault.  Misplaced blame and recriminations didn’t work for either of us. We shook on it.

I realized today though that a begrudging agreement isn’t enough.  I have to believe in math.  I have to find beauty in its structure  its use,  and it’s elegance. I have to seek to understand and apply the lessons math can teach me. I need to love math

So here goes. 

Math…  No matter what happens.  I have decided to love you.

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