[SOLSC], Tweet Speak

Writing a post in 140 character segments. @Dad wonders if severe  word limits diminish communication.  #solvingworldproblemsoverdinner

He suggests brevity isn’t always preferred. I say synthesis is a higher order thinking skill.  #dadsfirstfishtaco #macandcheeseforme

Language is an act of negotiating meaning,  he says. I wonder, isn’t that what we do here? Negotiate meaning in a small space. #doesgrammarcount

Maybe so,  says dad.  I’m just not sure it’s what we want their language to be. Maybe yes maybe no,  but it’s language #wewantlangauge

He pays for the tapas and beer,  I choose the Cuban desserts to share.  one has gold sparkles. #dessertwithneighbors.

World’s problems solved.  Glad we could solve them together #meandmypopsathebeach

3 thoughts on “[SOLSC], Tweet Speak

  1. Conceded: consistent concision can completely cover conversation. (65) #dadearnslowc #patronizingsmilefrombBrevity often suffices, even excels. Dylan Thomas. Hemingway. Ogden Nash. John Lennon. Basho’s haiku. (107) #arehashtagscheating Not sure synthesis is higher order than ample understanding of thesis or antithesis, or that synthesis is required for brevity. (127) #thesaurushelpsGood point. Adequate meaning. The concern is for elegant nuance sacrificed to alacrity or convenience. (104) #areadjectivesworththecharactersAgreed. Wittgenstein says there is no reality without mutually agreed upon symbols, i.e. words. But is green enough? (120) #doweoftenlosesagelimeavocado@Dad’s first tapas too. Social media is not the only glaring absence in his choice of life experiences. (106) #itsainterwebthang #flatbabytacosbigdealI’m convinced. Staccato conversations have their value. But please don’t deprive the world of delightful surprises like “lagnniappe”. (137) Have you met my daughter? She’s beautiful and brilliant, and her heart is so encompassing it both fulfills and betrays her. (124) #ohnoisaidtoomuch@Dad, as a non-registrant of required acronyms and a non-URLed Luddite, can't Comment as anything other than a face(book)less cyber-cipher. Anonymous. Finally, a label he can embrace. #

  2. Awesome. I bet myself that one of the top trending topics on Twitter would be about Justin Bieber and I was right! I owe myself a sad, lonely, imaginary beer.Tweets work for quick barbs that pierce and immediately deliver meaning, but sometimes, when we don our armor of isolation, don't we need more gentle, eventual, pressure like waves or roots? #puns

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