[SOLSC] Things I Wonder

The general session key note speaker to day was Dr. Russell  Quaglia.  At the end of his session he lists many things he wonders.  I shall do so as well. I don’t need the answers right now, though I’m sure I’ll look them up soon enough.
Things I wonder a la Russell Quaglia:

Do folks that present on technology keep up on the needs to their audience?
Why aren’t there good cotton dresses at the stores right now?
Why does my left eye shut when I’m tired?
Why am I watching the Lifetime channel?
How are macaroons made?
With that,  I shall leave you   …

2 thoughts on “[SOLSC] Things I Wonder

  1. I needed to read your post this morning, as we get ready to welcome our final school broadcast team to their first day “on the job”. My colleagues and I have talked about the importance of “wondering” for digging up and reporting on the news of the school. I will refer to your post as an example–thanks!

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