[SOLSC] My New Favorite Thing

I am taking part in the Slice of Life Story Challenge with Two Writing Teachers. For this challenge I will be attempting to write a “Slice of Life” post each day in the month of March and each Tuesday after that.

I have many “New Favorite Things” and I feel completely comfortble rotating them out as needed. Typically, I wear my favorite thing-ness like a badge. I tell everyone, share links, retell the same people, and sigh in  mooney-eyed delight at whatever it might be. Tonight I realized that my new favorite thing is kind of… embarrasing? Pedestrian? Uncool? 

Because right this minute I am enamored with my…Large-Technology-Company TV Casting Device (better not to advertise?). I am not a television fanatic. I don’t have cable and haven’t felt the need to purchase cable services for much of my adult life. I like to watch a show or two after a long day, but can go days with the TV peacefully dark. Even considering all of that, I am simply in love with my Large-Technology-Company TV Casting Device. It does what it says it will do (cast TV or music apps on to your TV), if costs what it says it will cost (less than a dinner out), and it is small and not cluttery. What isn’t to love?

I’m publicly admiting my love, but also sort of hoping the crush passes soon and my next New Favorite Thing is fun, off-the-wall and a symbol of my unending cool factor.  A girl can hope, right?

4 thoughts on “[SOLSC] My New Favorite Thing

  1. I'm wondering if your new favorite thing is Apple TV…am I right? ;)Oh, and I'm totally the same way. My friends constantly laugh at my new favorite thing of the month/week/moment…

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