[An Abecedary of Cape-Wearing] Beat the Baddies like Batman

for Beating the Baddies like Batman

Batman is one of my favorite heroic characters. It’s true, it is possible that Batman is not, technically, a superhero (wha-what???  Read here or here if you want to edify yourself), but I have decided I’m okay with his questionable status. I have decided to love him anway.

Let me be clear, this has nothing to do with the relative attractiveness or unattractiveness of the actors that have taken on the role. Trust me. I can only name one or two, and one of my favorites is the cartoon Justice Leage version. He has a kind of Wolverine-esque quality to him.

I love him because he has to work very hard to beat the baddies. He has to be knowledgable about global issues, he has to learn the newest technology, and he has to train to hone his super-secret ninja skills, he has to take care of his outfit and redesign his cape for ultimate effectiveness.  I mean no offense to the heroes who get their powers from planets, or spiders, or lanterns, or large hammers (okay, I judge the use of a hammer)–I like them all well enough. But Batman. He has to do it himself. He has to use the resources available in Gotham City and make them super (yes, with unimited wealth and jaw-dropping technology).

As teachers and teacher-leaders, we can hope for Superman’s powers, Wonder Woman’s jet, and Thor’s Hammer (I don’t really want Thor’s hammer, but I’d take a jet.), but we won’t get them. What we can do though is use the skills and tools we do have to do our work and beat the educational baddies we encounter

I won’t spend your valuable time rehashing all of the educational baddies we encounter in our quest to educate our nation’s children. We all have our own fight.  Each day we rise to continue the battle because we know it’s the right thing to do.  We each have an aresenal of skills and tools that we can use to fight the good fight each day:

  • professional development opportunities
  • humor
  • respected collegues
  • content knowledge 
  • technology
  • inspiring leaders 
  • deserving students
  • dedication to the cause
  • personal health
  • professional connectedness
  • the knowledge that we are doing the right thing
Take a minute and think about some tools and skills you have already, resources you may have forgotten you have, or items from this list you’d like to explore. Batman has his batcave full of fast cars, faster computers, and, of course, Alfred. Do you have a bat cave?  What do you keep there to help you beat the baddies?  Do you need to remind yourself to Be Like Batman?
Oh yeah, and Batman wears a cape. A really rockin’ cape.

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