[Mentor Text Monday] Word Envy

Those of you that follow me on Facebook may have seen a series of posts straight from my Kindle this weekend.  I started reading The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness and have incredible word envy.

Here are some excerpts that I love love loved.   Loved, I tells ya.

Re: the Noise

Re:  A Strong Emotion

Re: a whirlwind of thoughts

Re: What a girl is

Re: What a knife is

Holy wow, right?

And of course I had to read some to the turkey butts.  And of course I had to use a piece as mentor text.  Here is the page I showed them:

This is a graphic representation of what it would be to hear the thoughts of other people in your head.
We talked about what the author did:

You try it!  I’ll post theirs tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “[Mentor Text Monday] Word Envy

  1. If all teachers were like you and Wendy, our school system would be in tip-top shape, and kids would grow into adults who know how to express themselves honestly, creatively; powerfully. Oh, I can dream, can't I? I wish I knew who said, “Writing is thinking on paper.”

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