[SDAWP] Be Like Sweden

If you are old like me, or like I’m fixin’ to be soon, you might remember this commercial:

Rather than launch into a discussion about how this irritated me when it came out, how it’s a tag phrase I remember now, and how it is possible they were making a joke (I hope), I will instead encourage you to..

Be Like Sweden!

Sweden launched a Twitter campaign (recently?  I don’t know when…).  Each week a new Swedish citizen takes over the Sweden Twitter account and tweets for a week.  It is a week-in-the-life view of Sweden, and it’s super cool!  It’s here.

My SDAWP cronies decided to be like Sweden.  And… drum roll please… I will be the second SDAWP Weekly Fellow.  So, get your Twitter accounts revved up!  I’m learning Twitter and, in my usual fashion, am diving right in head first! I’ll try my best to be interesting.  Failing that, I’ll at least be prolific.

If you are already using Twitter, follow me at @SDAWPBarb.  If you aren’t and are willing to, sign up here.  If you aren’t, aren’t willing to, but are morbily curious, well…  I’m not sure what I’ll do for you folks.  May the cape be with you!

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