[Classroom Rules] Chicago

This caped teacher and one of her caped friends watched Chicago a while back on the television box.  We intended to watch something else, but this caped teacher made an error in planning.  Good news though, Rule #5 has revealed itself (see the rest of the rules here).

Roxie Hart has quite shocking language in this show, and Billy Flynn has to tell her to tone it down.  The conversation goes like so:

[Roxie Hart]   Holy s**t! I’m never gotta get this straight!

[Billy Flynn]   Pipe down the swearing. Look, from here on, you say nothing wrong. Now try it again. 
Sometimes a word or phrase strikes me, and this one did.  
Rule #5  Pipe down the swearing

My kids use language quite similar to that of Ms. Roxie Hart.  While I don’t allow it, I wouldn’t say it is my primary concern.  They hear it at home, in their neighbohoods, and from each other.  It isn’t going to work to tell them not to swear.  It does work, or it least more useful to teach them when it’s okay to swear, when to pipe it down, and when not to.  

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