[Teaching Writing] Many Good Things A.K.A Fresh is the New Cool.

More specifically, 100 Good Things.

I discovered a new magazine recently.  I was drawn in by the cover (see photo to the left).  True, the word GOOD screams out at you.  This may have been the first thing I saw.  Additionally, the cover is made from a matte-artsy-mod-hipster material and I wanted to pick it up.  Once I did, the articles and ads were equally fascinating.

Even better, I found my first-day-back-at-school-super-cool-lesson idea within the non-glossy-hip-and-cool pages.

Today we began our own 100 Good Things list using this interactive list as our mentor text.

Some examples from the list that caught our eye:

  • Gaming is the new teaching tool.
  • Glitterbombing is the new yarnbombing.
  • Supper Club is the new restaurant
  • Touch is the new click
  • Twitter Spoiler is the new TV Recap
  • Doing is the new Talking
  • AIRBNB is the new Craigslist
  • Pie is the new cupcake

Here are the rough ideas from our list:

  • Modern Warfare is the new Halo
  • Green Lantern is the new Superman
  • Dubstep is the new Techno
  • iPad is the new iPod
  • Teased hair is the new Bump-it
  • Google Earth is the new Google Maps
  • “Smile Bracelets” are the new “Silly Bands”
  • Facebook is the new MySpace
  • Google+ is the new Facebook
  • Texting is the new calling
  • Sears is the new Kmart
  • Fresh is the new cool
  • Astin Kucker is the new Charlie Sheen
  • Takis are the new Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
  • Blu-Ray is the new DVD 

Just a little window into the souls of our next generation.  Some hopeful, some scary, yes?

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