[Student Story] I Loves Me My Kiddos

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I haven’t been posting, but I feel the need to say… I haven’t been posting.

Some caped-crusader-kryptonite found its way around the cape, and I’ve been trying to get my senses back. With that in mind, I must say that my little poo-muffins are the best healers in the world. What truly incredible power-houses of perseverance, resilience, and character these kiddos are. I have sticky notes (read here for previous discussion of my penchant for the sticky note) all over my desk with quotes and stories that I must share with you one day.  I will.

Some future posts that I will tell myself you are looking forward to….

–The Guy at the Coffee Shop (again)
–Dead Word Walking
–Book Review: Graceling
–The Maury Quote
–Why Boys Aren’t Allowed the Crochet
–How You Know There is a Yeti Around
–More Hope is the Thing With Feathers poems

Peace Out!

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