[Friday Free-Day] Oatmeal

I loves me my sisty-ugler. I don’t tell her that because somewhere along the line I decided it was a good idea to keep it to myself,  but I loves her. I do.

We were our first best friends for those early years, and that can’t be matched by anyone else in the world.

Here are the twenty things that make me think of her and either laugh, or giggle, or snort, or get boiling mad, or gassy, or sumfink. There are more than twenty, but these are the twenty that I came up with off the top’n my pointy little head.


the color green

The Frog Prince

farting is always funny (in fact, my dog just farted and I giggled)

“Don’t you ever get tired of being so ugly?”


“You smell.”

Def Leppard

“Stop singing, you’re ruining the song.”

curling irons (and severe burns from them)

closets full of clothes

“…and I got a scratch on my elbow…”

babysitting the boys

hitting each other on the way to school, promising not to tell anyone, and then both telling everyone

a cake made to look like a fish with frosting so bright it turned my tongue colors


swearing I wasn’t copying everything she did, but secretly wondering if I was

21 Jump Street

buying the same blue and white polka-dot shirt even though we lived across the state from each other


Oh, and did I mention it is her birthday today?  It is. And you wanta know something evil? For once I’m glad she’s older than me. Heh.

2 thoughts on “[Friday Free-Day] Oatmeal

  1. Over half…laughing out loud. More than half…would have to explain the whole story to Tom or Zane to explain why I am laughing and squeaking out half words.I totally forgot about that blue and white polka dot shirt. Ah Bubba…this was really awesome. Thank you sister. For more than the blog post 🙂 Oatmeal (teary again…geez louise)

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