[Friday Free-Day] Folding Paper

My noodle-heads love to fold paper. Give them a reason to fold it (airplanes, those diamond-shaped things they call footballs, turning dollar bills into rings)–they’ll sit for hours and fold, fold, fold. They’ll scavenge for paper, steal it even, to keep folding paper long after they’ve been told not to. Why do they have to scavenge and steal? Because they’ve used every other piece in the school to fold other things, and there is just nothing left!

I have no idea why this is important enough to share, but it’s Friday Free-Day, so I did. Here are some other random things I’ve noticed about my kiddos over the years:

They like the Oakland Raiders and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Granted they like almost any team that is currently winning, but they have a willing-to-fight-about-it love for the Raiders and Steelers.

They have more gas than typical middle-school kidlets. I’ve taught in a variety of middle schools. The gas has never been as constant or as bad as it is with the kids I have had the last couple of years. This does not include the kiddo I had last year that was lactose-intolerant and drank milk on purpose just to make me suffer. He is in a category by himself. 

They love pitbulls.  Nearly all of them say they have one, or say they had one once, or say they want one.  Do I blame Michael Vick for that? I would, but he has never played for the Raiders or the Steelers.

They think pencils are considered a one-use item. After they are done writing down whatever short thing they have deigned to write, they just drop them to the ground. When it’s time to write again, they look around bewildered. Where did that pencil go?

That’s what I know this week. To be honest, I know a lot more than that this week, but I just don’t want to dwell on it right now. It was a tough one out on the front lines, and I’d rather pretend it wasn’t until I’ve slept it off.

Peace out my caped friends!

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