[CCW] She’s So Super She’s a Little Scary

But she will appreciate the alliterative title.

Huzzah to my second Caped Crusader of the Week*, Annie!

I met Annie back in 1997.  We were both Teaching Team Leaders (or some such title) for a summer program. The first day of training kicked off with some touchy-feely-trusty blindfolded garbage that was NOT cool with me.  I cast my eyes around the room (keeping a cool, interested look just in case) looking for an escape hatch. What I found instead was the incredulous face of the teacher across the room.  She was clearly as unamused with the direction our training was taking as I was.   I don’t remember exactly how it went after that, other than an overwhelming memory of cheesy training, very little actual information, and the realization that Annie was, indeed, a kindred teacher.  As the summer progressed our friendship grew exponentially (as did our dislike of the structure and leadership of the summer program).

 While I would gladly teach with her any time, I know I’d be a little scared, too.  She is one of the very best teachers I have ever met. She is crazy-smart, has incredible energy, and has amazing taste in music, food, and shoes.  Not only can Annie teach the socks off of most people in the world, she is also able to share that ability as a mentor teacher.  That last line sounds like a sentence from a cover letter, but the truth is, not many good teachers know how to help other teachers be good.  Annie knows how to do it, does it, AND runs a program for her district to help other mentors do it, too.

Did I mention that Annie has an amazing family, beautiful and intelligent kids, can knit, can cook, and know the lyrics to songs I’ve never heard of? It’s true. I’m telling ya, she ROCKS!

I am quite certain our society, our schools are better places because of Annie.  I am even more certain that she was the best thing to come out of that Summer program so long ago.

*Note–While I did name this series “Caped Crusader of the Week,” I hope I did not imply to any of you that this would be happening EVERY week.  It just means that it will happen periodically .  And when it does happen, it will be during a week. Kapish?

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