Notes From My Phone

As I have told you in person, I leave notes for myself on my phone–often while driving.  It is illegal, I suppose, since I use the keyboard and type them, but I typically save it for stoplights, and don’t worry about spelling or anything.  Nearly always they are ideas for school or quite close to ideas for school.  Here are some notes I have left on my phone, their translation, and links to further information. 
Chicken BigNote: “Chickrnbig”
Saved on 11/13/10
Translation: Chicken Big
More Information: Chicken Big by Keith Graves.  This is a book that was read aloud on NPR the other day.    It was funny and cute, and I teach a fractured fairy tale lesson that requires lots of books of this type.  I’ll admit, the read-aloud was not the strongest feature of the news story.  Mostly, I was drawn to the fact that the two men had so much fun reading it.  
Hint Fiction: An Anthology of Stories in 25 Words or FewerNote: Hint fiction antholyy
Saved on 11/13/10
Translation: Hint Fiction Anthology (possibly Norton)
More Information: Hint Fiction by Robert Swartwood Also on NPR the other day (I was driving).  This is an anthology of stories that are written in 25 words or less.  I want to try this in my classroom, but also get the book.  I missed some of the stories because the guy speaking had a lot of spit in his mouth and I could hear it while he spoke.  I can’t abide by that, so I had to turn it down.

Note: Wa init 1098 ca
Saved on 11/1/10
Translation: Washington State Initiative 1098 (check California Report on NPR)
More Information:  This one is pretty clear.  I wanted to know more about this initiative.  Just because I wanted to know.

The Incredible MachineNote: SufarlAnd
Saved on 10/29/10
Translation: Sugarland
More Information: Someone I think is cool said this is good workout music.  I thought I would check it out.  I haven’t yet.

Note: tone catchadores–everso
Saved on 10/23/10
Translation: Ummm… I can’t figure it out yet.  Any ideas?

Note: areasontosurvive
Saved on 8/30/10
More Information: I am still looking into this.  It is a group I heard about and wanted to learn more.  It is a San Diego organization using art to reach children, or to help them heal.

Pocket ChangeNote: Josh damigo
Saved on 8/28/10
Translation: Josh Damigo (musician)
More Information: Josh Damigo has a poster hanging up in my coffee shop and I wanted to try it out. I still haven’t.

Note: lily batachatarian
Saved on 6/12/10
Translation: I have NO idea.  Can’t find a thing on it.  Again, ideas?

So there you have it.  A little window into where I get my ideas–other than straight from the idea fairies, of course.

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