Stop, Elaborate, and Listen!

The lesson of the day was “elaboration.”  We talked for a while about the difference between elaboration, exaggeration, and lies.  We talked about when elaboration is a good idea, and when it might not be (“when the police ask you questions?”).  We then dug into my collection of interesting magazine photos (fifteen years in the making), listened to some Vanilla Ice*, and did some elaboration. These kiddos have some wacky ideas!

Simple description:
This is a little girl in a white dress.
This little girl is in the news because she the one survivor to live from a plane crash.

Simple description:
A nice house/beautiful view.
In 1955 there was a war, but Albert Einstein was so smart he wanted to see this was so he built a nice house in the middle of the war and watched the was and he watched his teacher get knocked out.

Simple description:
Trees moving side to side
It is raining and the wind is blowing hard.
The world is coming and end and people are running for their lives.
There is a tsunami and everyone is hiding in bushes and the wind is blowing so hard that it blew down all of the trees and everyone grew wings and flew away.

Simple description:
A lady holding a fat dog
The lady is a cannibal and she ate her husband and her neighbors and gave the dog the fat and the bones.  That is why the dog is fat.
The dog is fat because it ate the other person holding it and they lady is comforting it because the dog is sad.
This fat dog was at her house and he came up to ‘Lil Billy the toddler and swallowed him.  Then he came up tot Timmy the Baby and swallowed him.  Then the lady had to carry him to the hospital, but the dog never learned his lesson because after that he ate a cat and a cow.

Simple description:
People at the beach.
People are staring out into the water while a man was being eaten by a whale.
All of the people are there because Moby Dick told them to come and be mermaids and have a party.  Then they will become whales.
They are there because they say Shamu jumping over a new-found island.

Simple description:
Penguins in a field.
The penguins are in a field because they flew there on a giant dog.  The dog gave them a ride because they helped him get a doggie girlfriend.
These 3 penguins thought they could get a vacation from their children, so they went to the tundra.  Then this huge penguin said “Oh.  Hey.  There’s a volcano up there.”

*Note–If you don’t know why we listened to Vanilla Ice, you should probably figure it out, as it is one of my new most favoritist jokes.

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