Classroom Prep Time

This Caped Site Lead has turned back into this Caped Teacher and is preparing her classroom for a new year.  School starts painfully early this year and there was not a lot of transition time.  Teachers spend a huge amount of time in their rooms and many spend much of their own time, money, and energy making it a good place to be.

My theme this year focuses on the colors of my school–green, black and white.  I found this border at Frog Street Press.  It was perfect except for that pesky pink and black part.  So… I cut off the pink.  Yes, it took a long time to cut a band of pink off of 144 feet 216 feet of border, but it looks great!!!  I know I’m a little obsessive, but my eyes are happy when I see it along the many feet of black background paper I put up. It was worth it.*

I found these coordinating pieces as well, but did not buy them.  I made myself a deal that I would only spend $100 on my classroom this year, and I have already nearly doubled that on academic materials.  So… these pretty pieces had to stay in the online shopping basket:

I did stumble on a conundrum while I was poking about the online store, however.  This set looked good for a minute…
It is called the Zebra Create and Decorate.  I had to wonder, though, why there are alligators in the Zebra Create and Decorate package.  Don’t Zebras and alligators fight or something?  So, I emailed and asked.  I just wanted to know, you know?  Surprisingly, they did not answer.  Ah well.  
Anyhoo, I might take some photos of the room when it is done up. As I’m sure you are holding your breath for the big reveal, I will try to hurry.
* Note–I have to admit, I only cut 144 feet of it myself.  The other 72 feet were cut by the office manager at one of my Summer School sites.  She was bored and did it for me.  I just can’t pretend I did the whole thing by myself.  That would be rude.

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