Fly Right

Today is the last day of school.  There are many things I would like to post–photos, the end-of-the-year slideshow, the quilt.  Most of it I can’t show because it has identifying information on it.  

Instead, I will wish my little 8th Grade turkey-butts success and joy on their next adventure.  It is bittersweet to watch them go.  

The bitter part is mostly fear for their future.  They may not be ready.  They may not know everything.  They may fall on their little faces and not be able to get back up. 

The sweet part has some to with the fact that they have been crrrraaaayzeeeee  the last month or so and I’m barely hanging on.  The other half of the sweet part is that they have had small glimpses of light this week, and I feel like they may be ready to fly.  They just might enter high school with the skills they need and the desire to use those skills.  

Fly strong and fly right my kiddos…


One thought on “Fly Right

  1. they will be fine, because each one will take a little piece of your heart as they go into the world. Some will recognize your gift right away; others will take years. Eventually they will come to understand you gave them firm footing to begin their journey, it was their choice how or if they used it.

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