Rule #8

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is one of my professional role models.  It is for him that I have asked my students this year to call me Boss.  I am not a TV fanatic, and I prefer not to pay the cable company any of my hard-earned money.  I have, however, watched many episodes of NCIS due to a very generous landlord who paid for cable with DVR last year. 

Gibbs has Rules.  They are good rules, but not as useful in the classroom as I would like.  I have started numbering my own rules to create a list.  This, perhaps, will increase my Gibbs-ish-ness and… well… entertain me. 

Last week I assigned a number to a very familiar rule in my classroom:

Rule #8

Before you are snarky about something, make sure you are right. 

Example of rule in use:

Student insists there are 16 days of school.  
Boss says, “I checked the calendar recently, and I believe there are 19.” 
Student insists there are 16, and that Boss is wrong. Student is snarky and pokes fun at Boss for making a mistake.  
Boss again refers to the fact that she did, indeed, use her eyes and calendar to make the determination that she was, indeed, correct in her statement.  
Student continues with snarkiness and even includes a “nuh-uh” in the rebuttal.  
Boss asks student to count the days on a calendar.  
Student counts… 19 days of school remaining.  Student blushes.  
Boss says, “You know… before you are–.”
Student finishes for Boss, “Before I’m snarky I should know I am right.”

Viola.  Rule #8. 

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