Found Poems

Today we started on some poetry.  My theory is that kids like my little muffin-heads should love poetry since it breaks all the rules.  Why hit them with rhyme and meter and stanzas when they can just go hog-wild and make stuff up for once in their lives?  For this reason, I assign Found Poems pretty early in the game. It helps them play with words and not feel the pressure of creating from scratch.  Not only that, but they get to rifle through magazines in the hopes of coming across an underwear ad or a photo of someone drinking beer or smoking a cigarette–this is always a motivator. 

Choose a higher power in the
guide your spirit to upgrade
to peace
[By J.]

The coffee it’s good
you have to try the best smooth.
Tell your heart
You love it
We’re the acceptable in the world
Let’s keep the taste like that
[By M.]

broke down crying
I was so touched
keep it together
a refreshing change?
keeping happiness for my family
trying to like my family
[By S.]

If you camp
Saving the Earth
blackouts stay home!
[By M.]

If you like reading these, I posted the rest of them here. I will try to post pictures as well.

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