J. showed up in my room today with a note from the teacher next door that said “Please keep him busy as long as you can.”  This means that his constant stream of chatter (most of it inappropriate) had reached its peak and needed a reset.  I reached in to the canyons of my Super Teacher mind for a way to keep him busy and found… nothing.  
Me: Tell me a story.
J: Balloons can be round and they float in the air.
Me: Okay.  Umm… what are you doing?
J: Spinning.  I like spinning.
Me: Well then!  Try spinning on one foot on the linoleum.
J: I might slip.  But I can balance on one foot.
Me: Great!  I’ll time you.  How long can you balance on one foot?
J: (balancing)
Me: (timing… 27 seconds passes)
J: Now what?

It turns out this was not a Super Teacher moment, after all.

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