The Man on the Horse Rides Again

My school is in the middle of a pretty dicey part of town–next to the street names you hear most often on the police news.  While the kids were getting on the bus after school, a man on a horse came by.   That was odd, to say the least.  But, joy-upon-joys,the students all said excitedly–“It’s your man on the horse!  The one you always talk about!” I know it isn’t a white horse, exactly, but, really, with all that talk about gift horses and the mouth-looking, I figured I take it.

And for bonus points, after Mrs. H. said, “Now all we need is to see an Egyptian Cat walk by.”  One of the girls said , “I don’t think they’ll come all that way.”  Which, in caped teacher language, means she knows that Egypt is far away from here, and that someone has been doing their job in teaching Geography (okay, that would be me).  

More on the Egyptian Cat coming soon….

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