[NPBTS] Sooooo….

The time has come for this caped teacher to renew her National Teaching Certificate. Back in 2002 I earned (got? won? obtained?) a national certification in Early Adolescent/English-Language Arts.  I won’t bore you with the details of that whole thing unless you ask me.  If you’re interested in the original application process or what it means, I will gladly wax professional (Is that a thing?  Can you “wax professional?” I’m pretty sure I can.).  For now, though, I am focused on renewing the blasted thing.  It’s up for renewal as of 2012, but it takes a year or so to prepare the application.

So guess what y’all get to hear about?

It is due April 30th.  There are three components.  I am trying to draft the first component.  It is approximately 12 pages of writing and I need to determine four areas of Professional Growth Experiences (PGE) that exemplify my continued work as a National Certified teacher.  I’m meeting with a group of six or so other renewal candidates at CSU Fullerton once a month to talk about our progress.  At the January meeting I was officially running behind.  In order to keep from being painfully behind for the February meeting I need to actually… write the thing.

I need to write about myself and the amazing and wonderful things I’ve done that prove I’m still worthy of the National Board distinction.  I have to pick four areas and shine bright lights onto my work and say “I” a lot.  I need to use pedagogically correct phrases and come up with a reason I do the things I do–a reason that is more than “’cause I wanta?”  I need to show that kids learn because of what I do.  So what are they… what… are… they….  My four PGE’s.  They are….  They are…

1. Differentiated Instruction–Yeah, I do this like gangbusters.  I don’t know if I can prove it and take the required video of it, but THIS I do.

2. Focus on At-risk Learners–can I prove this?  How can I prove it?  Will I have to be ballsy and take some flat-out credit for things?

3.  Something where I talk about getting the Administrative Certificate.  But what? Maybe  the Summer School Principal gig?  I did that for 3 years. Maybe the extra parts of the job now?  Oh yeah, and the Program Specialist stuff–that’s sort of admin.

4. Professional Development Provider–I’ll need video of some of the classes where I guest teach.  What else?  I didn’t save any of that stuff!  Hm. This one will be hard.

Any feedback from you, my caped followers? What do I need to talk about here? I gotta get this thing drafted and quick!  Who wants to write it for me? Who wants to buy me wine while I write? Who wants to edit when I’m done?  Who wants me to buy them wine while they edit?

I’m avoiding it.  A. Void. Ing.  Ack!

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